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As C++ Engineer who is interested in making a career in Germany

Areas of Applications

C++ engineers are developing real-time applications including but not limited to the autonomous driving systems,  machine learning applications such as image recognition and computer vision, desktop applications, etc. 

In Germany, many companies are using C++ to develop (machine learning) applications as a service or to develop internal applications within the company. Therefore, there are many opportunities for you to find your ideal job in Germany

Job Qualifications for C++ Engineers in Germany

Ideally, you should have a degree in computer science. In case you don't have a degree, some companies accept applicants with vocational training as well. The requirements for positions vary from company to another. This is particularly true as the language can be used for both backend and frontend applications. 

C++ Engineers are required to have knowledge of the following:

  • Extensive Knowledge in C++
  • Extensive Knowledge in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Knowledge about design patterns
  • Linux/Unix commands 
  • SQL / NoSQL Database knowledge

C++ Engineers Salaries in Germany:

Due to high demands, C++ Engineers are considered to be very well paid engineers when compared to the average salary in the country. According to [1], C++ Engineers can earn between 3.629 € and  6.097 € monthly salary. This very high salary is justified as there is a huge demand and big shortage and C++ engineers are needed to develop critical real-time applications.  

Companies who are looking to hire C++ Engineers in Germany

Germany has the biggest economy in Europe and it is an industrial sector that has major contribution to the German economy. In industry and especially in the machines and car industries, C++ is considered to main programming language to develop real-time applications. For example, C++ is used to develop autonomous driving systems in modern cars. C++ is also used to develop medical and healthcare applications. Therefore, many companies are looking for C++ Engineers. Below are some of those companies:

  • Vector Informatik
  • IAV
  • Da Vinci Engineering
  • Asap Holding 
  • Bosch 
  • Ipser
  • BMW Group

The usage of C++ programming language by companies in Germany:

We have done an analysis of thousands of jobs in Germany to figure out how much Python is used by companies in Germany. Based on our analysis, C++ is ranked in the top-10 programming languages.

It is important to mention that Munich and Berlin are offering more C++ engineers jobs than other cities