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    As Data Scientist who is interested in making a career in Berlin

    Areas of Applications

    Data Science is the sexiest job of the 21st century. Data Scientists are developing predictive models, classification methods, clustering methods, machine/deep learning systems, natural language processing systems, computer vision systems, etc.

    The applications including but not limited to: chatbots, image tagging, web personalization, autonomous driving, fraud detection, spam detection, healthcare applications, etc. For example, banks are using AI systems to detect if the usage of a credit card is suspicious or not. clusterjobs is also using a deep learning approach to provide job seekers personalized jobs that fit their profiles.

    Recently machine/deep learning has shown great success in many areas. For example, currently, there is an image recognition system that is able to beat a human in terms of accuracy. Therefore, many companies are trying to catch up with the newest AI technology and therefore they are urgently hiring data scientists to develop applications as a service or to develop internal applications within the company. Accordingly, there are many opportunities for you to find your ideal job in Berlin.

    Job Qualifications for Data Scientists in Berlin

    You need to have a master's degree in computer science, physics, chemistry, or engineering (Ph.D. is preferred). The requirements for positions vary from company to another. 

    Data Scientists are required to have knowledge of the following:

    • Solid math knowledge in statistics and probability 
    • Hands-on experience in Python or R
    • Knowledge about machine learning topics such as regression, classification, and clustering 
    • Analytical skills and thinking, e.g, you need to be able to extract information from huge amounts of data (e.g., from Hadoop) and visualize it in an appropriate way (e.g., by using Tableau)
    • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, MXNET, etc
    • Familiarity with deploying machine learning model in the cloud e.g., on AWS, GCP, or Azure

    Data Scientists Salaries in Berlin:

    Due to huge demands, data scientist salary is one of the best-paid jobs when compared to the average salary in the country. According to [1], data scientists can earn between 3.432 € and  5.338 € monthly salary in Berlin

    Companies who are looking to hire data scientists in Berlin

    Data Science is a hot field in Berlin and therefore, there are many companies that are looking for data scientists. Below are some of those companies:

    • Zalando 
    • Otto group
    • DL Remote
    • SO1 
    • Market logic software AG
    • Campusjäger
    • Accenture
    • OLX Group